Hello North Carolina Movers!

New legislation was passed by the NC Utilities Commission regarding the passage of credit card fees to your customers.

Nationwide Payment Systems is a new member of the NC Mover’s Association and we have a solution that is complaint with both the State and the Card Brands! 

Both of our solutions have the Percentage being passed on to your customer pre-programmed in!

for non-card present/key entered

This comes with many options from basic and we also offer invoicing, signature capture, signature on contracts and more!

Wireless 3G/4G – Take it on the truck and collect on the Go 


Customer pays 

Moving bill $1000.00

3.75% service fee $37.50

You will collect $1037.50 from your customer, $1000 will go into your bank account and the $37.50 will be collected by the credit card processor daily.

When you get your statement – you will pay $0.00 credit card fees, there is a program fee for the virtual terminal and or equipment but you will be paying 0%! 

$40,000 in Sales Today – $1000 in credit card fees monthly – 

New program – you are saving $1000 a month, $12,000 a year in fees.

The fees are passed on to the customer and the business is saving money! 

For more information  Contact John Gibbs directly at 919-264-7464 or call NPS at 866-677-2265 or 

email NCmovers@npsbank.com

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