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We Empower Our Merchants

We use a legal program that can be used in all 50 states and is provided exclusively by Nationwide Cash Discount, created to offer merchants an alternative to standard credit card processing. With Nationwide Cash Discount, merchants will reduce their credit card processing costs by applying a small service charge to each sale they make.


Processing fee

Subscription fee

Merchant savings

One simple rate
Passed to cardholder

Cash Discount Terminal

What is Nationwide Ca$h Discount?

  • Eliminate 100% of Processing Fees
  • Accept credit cards without the expensive fees
  • One simple fee that is passed to the card holder
  • Pay a Monthly Subscription fee (starting at $29/mo.)
  • Apply Now – Online Application
  • Save thousands of dollars
  • No transaction fees
  • No AVS
  • No Batch Fees 
  • No Interchange 
  • No Card Brand Fees 
  • No PCI compliance fee
  • Compliant in All 50 States
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Virtual Terminal

Credit Card Terminal

Point of Sale

Charity/Donation Platform





Billing Portal

Free Signage

Choice of Online Virtual Terminal,Desktop Terminal, or Mobile Card reader

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Prime Benefits

Nationwide Cash Discount setup is quick and easy with no hidden costs or fees. Contact Us today to get a custom savings analysis for your business.

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Credit Card Desktop Terminal, IP, WiFi

One of the most innovative payment software solutions in the industry.

Virtual Terminal

Text customers secure payment links and collect faster.

Use Your Smart Phone Bluetooth Mobile Card Reader

We provide all of the options for the customer to make a payment.

Simple enrollment

Choose either a 3.75% service fee or custom rate. Put up your signage, receive your equipment and you’ll be ready to go.

Multiple equipment options

Choose from terminals using our Cash Discount System, Point of Sale Systems, Virtual Terminal, or Website.

Save money

Save 95% to 100% of what you are currently paying! Get new EMV Equipment & Save Money today.

Gas Station Sign


The price of gas stations is the cash price – Paying with cash, you save money. With a credit card, there is an additional cost. By having your customers pay a small additional fee, this will offset your processing costs. Nationwide Cash Discount program does this for you compliantly and automatically.

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Approved Accounts

100% EMV Ready

Payment Options


Satisfied Customers

100% Completely Secure

Thousands of dollars saved!



Join other business owners across the United States who have eliminated 99% of their monthly merchant fees by using the Nationwide Cash Discount Program.

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See our main website for traditional merchant account options.

Since 2001, we have been providing services to business owners in Florida and across the USA. Experienced professionals to guide you with merchant services, helping business of all sizes.


State of the Art Online Donation Platform

With our online donation marketing programs which includes single or multiple donations/causes with specific goals for each.

  • Free Donation Web Page

  • Set-up single or multiple donations/causes

  • Drive more donations than ever

  • FREE donations button

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Increase Your Fundraising

  • Year-round giving

  • End-year campaigns

  • Special projects

  • Use it all-year long

Learn more about NPSCharity Program

Tired of trying to figure out the rates and costs on your merchant statement?

Ditch the confusion when you enroll in the Nationwide Cash Discount Plan. “How do I determine my actual credit card processing costs?”

Example Statement

With the example shown above, your savings would be $681.52 /month. Multiply by that by 12 months and you could save up to $8187.24 a year!

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You should let your customers pay

More money in your bank

You could be paying 0%.

Example Card Swipe

Nationwide Payment Systems Inc. (NPSBANK) is a global provider of transaction processing services and is dedicated to our clientele with flawless customer service.

We work hard to bring you great success in your business that is what we do. We will provide you with an electronic application that we complete with you, over the phone. Once your application is submitted and approved (24-48 hours), you will be up and running in 2-3 business days, or less, including the equipment if needed.

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