Sales People, Customer Service Staff, Office Staff and you need to collect payments? We have a solution with our PaaS – Payments as a Service!

Many companies that are doing sales of products and services are at home taking phone calls and then the employees have to accept payments.

Working from Home

Are you going to get all of your employees home PCI compliant?

There is no need to by using a hosted payment system from NPSBANK.

What can you do with our software?

  • Email Payment Requests
  • Set up a hosted payment link or page
  • Set up pay your invoice button on your website
  • Email invoices with a payment link using any software
  • You can even use our 0% option and have your clients pay the fees
  • While offering an ACH – Echeck option
  • Secure – Hosted – PCI Compliant solutions
  • HIPAA Compliant as well

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